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Betel Nut Market Analysis

Betel Nut Market Analysis

The betel nut market is popular in east Asian regions because of its growth potential and the quality of the produce. It’s rich in protein, fiber and fat polysaccharides. It’s used in various industries apart from supari and pan. Its also used as a dying ingredient and used in cocoa industries.

Traditionally Betel nut is used along with Betel leaves after a meal to increase digestion, increases protein levels, and improves teeth strongness by chewing it. It’s brackish in taste. It has strong medicinal properties like strengthening, muscles, teeth and it’s more antimicrobial.

Chewing and swallowing of juice is considered as healthy and it’s offered as a kind of hospitality even nowadays after a dinner, party following a traditional method as an end of the feast.

It has great demand in the market across many industries.

Complete world market demand is meet up by the Southeast Asian regions.